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Making Travel Apps Step by Step

Making mobile Apps and websites with the Nomad Travel Framework

You'll follow four easy steps to create your mobile website or native apps with the pre-built Nomad Travel Framework:

1. Plan

2. Design

3. Publish

4. Promote

Plan Design Publish Promote

Looking for a custom app or mobile site?

Learn about our modular approach to custom app development.

What if we only want a mobile website?

We understand not everyone's ready to take the plunge into native mobile apps, and that's no problem. A mobile website is a must-have. You can launch a mobile website using the Nomad platform, and upgrade to native apps if and when you're ready.

All of the organizations we know that are doing both a mobile website and native apps are seeing 4-5 times more traffic on their apps than on their website.

Read more about the difference between a mobile website and native applications.

More questions we're often asked: