Smoky Mountains, photo by Stacie Bullard

Photograph by Stacie Bullard,

Nomad Overview

Choose fully custom mobile development or build an app with one of our pre-built Frameworks.

Modular Platform for Custom Development

The original Nomad platform was a customizable template designed for creating apps for travel marketers and publishers. In 2012 we completely rebuilt the Nomad platform as a modular platform. This platform enables us to create any sort of cross-platform native mobile application or mobile website. By using a consistent, modular approach, we are able to build apps with higher quality and lower cost than apps built entirely from scratch.

Learn more about our modular framework approach to custom mobile development.

Nomad Travel Framework

We offer a pre-built configuration of the our framework in the travel app model familiar to users of our National Park apps. Our pre-built travel solution enables destinations and travel publishers to easily create, deliver and manage world class mobile travel guides with zero programming. With the Nomad Travel Framework, you can publish better apps, quickly, and across multiple platforms; all at a fraction of the cost of custom development. We handle all platform maintenance and enhancements so your mobile publications always deliver a great experience coupled with the most advanced functionality available in mobile travel guides.

Mobile Website AND Native Apps

Mobile website or native application? Android or iPhone?  Don’t limit your options or your audience. Publish all three from the same content – for less than the cost of a typical mobile website. When ready to publish, your mobile designs and content are merged with our code to generate either a mobile website, native apps or both.

Nomad Platform Overview Diagram

Design Flexibility

Our travel app framework is not a cookie-cutter template. You’ll have tremendous flexibility in the design and character of your mobile experience. You’re not limited by what's built into the solution either. We can extend the base solution based on your needs.

You can either customize existing Nomad design templates, provide your own design or contract with us to provide full custom design services.

Nomad mobile app design examples

Easy Content Options 

Your content can be managed in two ways. You can automatically import content from your website, or manually enter it into the platform’s dedicated CMS from sources such as existing visitor guidebooks and brochures. It’s easy to include audio and video, which can be great for giving an overview of a place or a guided tour. Content can be updated or edited whenever needed.

What do travelers think?

Rave reviews from users, average 4.5+ star ratings, and long session times attest to the power and utility of Nomad-powered apps.

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